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Smart Security Sales Pro

Turnip is a Canadian industry leader in smart home automation and personal emergency response services (PERS). As a result of our rapid growth, we are selecting motivated individuals to join our Sales Accelerator Program. Turnip is dedicated to providing customers all over North America with innovative solutions for all of their smart home and emergency response needs while providing a personalized customer experience along the way.

The Role:

In this dynamic position, you will have the opportunity to utilize world-class tools, training, and will have leadership at your disposal to effectively onboard new customers. You will be collaborating in a team environment to continue your personal progress in the role on a daily basis.You’re responsible for studying assigned materials, working the scheduled hours, and attending the daily team meetings. You will guide prospects through the sales process either online or face-to-face (contactless). With a hybrid approach between digital and traditional direct-to-consumer methods, you will leverage the tools provided to ensure that the onboarded customers are satisfied with their new product and have all of their product-related questions answered.

Key Qualities:

To be successful, you should be a goal-oriented individual that enjoys recognition for your efforts. You communicate clearly and enjoy meeting new people. You’re entrepreneurial in spirit and can complete tasks without being told what to do every step of the way. You consider yourself a high achiever, enjoy competition, and value being rewarded for winning.

Working with Turnip:

This is a full-time position, you will be working across Alberta and Saskatchewan during the spring and summer. You will be traveling with the team and staying in accommodations secured by your Sales Manager, so all you need to worry about is selling.

The pay is performance based, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to earn over $20,000 as a rookie with skilled representatives earning over $60,000 in four summer months. In addition to your earnings, you will have the opportunity to compete for additional awards such as watches, laptops, consoles, and even weekend getaways. Best of all, as a Turnip team member, you will have the opportunity to join us on our annual charity trip, which is taking place in the Philippines this November 2022.

How to Apply:

We want to thank everyone for applying, upon successfully completing your application our sales managers will review your resume and application questions.

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