10 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

February 21, 2019

10 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

While getting a home security system may seem like an extreme step in keeping your home safe; there are many reasons to consider a professionally installed security system. You may be asking yourself if the equipment and home monitoring costs are worth it. Check out these 10 reasons why the benefits greatly exceed the costs!

1. Put Your Mind At Ease

Everyday life is stressful enough. When you leave the house for the day, your home's security should not be added to the list of items that you have to be worrying about. Gone are the days of wondering if you locked the front door when leaving to go to work, or if you forgot to set the alarm before taking off on that long-awaited vacation. Put your mind at ease with the Turnip HQ app. With this system, you can arm, disarm, and check in on your home system all from your smart phone.

2. Keep Your Home and Family Safe and Secure

We understand that keeping your home and family secure is one of your top priorities and that is why a home security system makes so much sense. By installing security sensors you will always know when, how, and if someone has entered your home. These sensors include:

  • Entry Sensors: Senses the opening and closing of doors and windows
  • Glass Break Sensors: Detects the sound of breaking glass and sends alarm signals to the security panel
  • Motion Sensors: Sense motion and when an external contact is opened
  • Tilt Sensors: Typically used to sense the tilt of an overhead garage good and windows opening. This sense will alarm when the sensor is tilted more than 45 degrees
  • Gate Sensors: These fully weather-sealed sensors are perfect for outdoor doors and windows.

Keeping your family safe can also mean keeping them safe from environmental factors like carbon monoxide and fire. By installing smoke & heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors your family can be notified of environmental emergencies and evacuate the home in time to save lives.

3. Deter Crime

Burglars are most likely to chose a home that they consider an “easy target”. They are much less likely to target homes that have home security systems for fear of getting caught. So by displaying your home security badge visibly in your window you are already taking the first step in deterring a burglar from entering your home. If the burglars chose to proceed and do attempt to break into the home, they will not get very far. Once they try and enter an armed home, they will most likely be deterred by the loud siren notifying them that the system has been tripped and that police are on their way.

If the burglars manage to get away without getting apprehended by the police, your home security system will have caught the perpetrator on video which will allow the police to have a higher chance of stopping this criminal and preventing future crimes.

4. Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance is something that all homeowners are required to have. These policies are based on the potential risks of damage or theft to your home. By installing a home security system, you are taking steps to reduce the risk to your property. All insurance premiums will be based on various factors including assets in the home, coverage, age of the home, and insurance company so the cost reduction will vary. However, by installing a home security system your insurance premium can drop by 10-20% annually. To ensure that you will get the highest possible discount it is also beneficial to have live monitoring of your home as well.

5. Lower Your Home Electricity Bills

Everyone is guilty of leaving a light or two on when they leave the house. There are many things in your home that can drive up your energy bills at the end of the month. Take control of your home by installing smart home devices like our Smart Thermostat which senses the indoor and outdoor temperature and will adjust to ensure the ideal home temperature. By utilizing smart home devices, you also will have the option of controlling the heating and lighting from your smartphone. This allows you to turn down the heat when no one is home, or turn off a few of those pesky lamps that never seem to get turned off when the family leaves home.

6. Protect Your Home From Damage

Damage can come from many different factors including extreme temperatures or even flooding. By installing a home security system, you can avoid coming home to a floor covered in water due to an unknown pipe burst. Get notified right away if your flood sensors detect flooding in your home. By catching these factors quickly, you can react swiftly and hopefully save your beloved hardwood floors and avoid a hefty repair bill.

7. Home Monitoring Means Someone Always Has Your Safety In Mind

Take comfort in knowing that the expert support agents at Turnip Inc. have your back and are ready 24/7 to dispatch emergency services to your home when you need them most. This service allows you to take that much-needed vacation and truly disconnect knowing that your home is in good hands.

8. Get Medical Attention At The Touch Of A Button

Medical emergencies happen, and it is not always possible to reach a phone to call for help. Luckily, Turnip offers medical pendants that are worn on the body and offer multiple features to help you in a medical emergency.

The Turnip medical pendant is designed with industry-leading fall detection, built-in GPS & location services, and two-way emergency verification. When an emergency occurs (ie. a fall is detected or the emergency button is pressed) the device initiates the call. Our experts will then determine the emergency and the family and emergency personnel are notified and dispatched where you need them. These features can be especially beneficial for children and elderly individuals.

9. Increased Control Of Your Home Environment, Even When Your Not Home

Do your kids forget their keys? Need to let in your relatives while you're stuck in traffic?

Control your home environment from anywhere! We understand that circumstances come up where you just can’t be home to unlock the door for company or your neighbor has let you know that your garage door is open. By installing Tunrip home smart devices like the smart door lock and garage door module, you can control your home from anywhere!

10. Check In On Your Loved Ones From ANYWHERE

With everyone becoming more mobile, your work can take you all over the world. It can be hard to ensure you still feel connected to the people you are leaving at home. All Turnip Home Inc. cameras come equipped with live monitoring technology and two-way communication so you can keep an eye on your loved ones from anywhere. This allows you to check in to make sure your kids got home okay from school, or just check-in when you may be out of town. The two-way voice communication means that you can hear what's going on and they can also hear you! These features are also ideal for checking in on pets who may stay home during the day! Make sure your pups are safe and sound and not destroying your furniture while your away.

To inquire about the best home security system to benefit your home and family contact us here! We look forward to speaking with you!