5 Tools You Can Use to Check for Neighbourhood Safety

Emma Hutchinson
February 21, 2019

5 Tools You Can Use to Check for Neighbourhood Safety

Before moving into a new neighbourhood or when looking into a security system, it is important to understand the crime statistics in a specific location. This can help you make decisions on the type of security system you will install, or if you would like to move to a different area. These tools are here to help you make educated decisions regarding your safety. These tools are also great to share with your neighbours in an effort to make your area safer!

Local Crime Mapping Tools

Most local police departments have an independent crime mapping tool that tracks a variety of crimes in your city. This tool is updated in a timely manner and displays the most relevant information to you in your neighbourhood. By understanding exactly what is going on in your neighbourhood you are able to make better-informed decisions about your crime prevention tactics. Here are a few for your local city:

Edmonton: https://crimemapping.edmontonpolice.ca

Calgary: https://www.calgary.ca/cps/statistics/crime-map.html

Toronto: https://data.torontopolice.on.ca/pages/maps

Canadian Crime Mapping Tool

This tool was created by Statistics Canada to map crime statistics by the community in Canada. This tool is also great because it allows you to look at past crime statistics in an area so you can get a good idea of the trends in your desired or current neighbourhood.



AreaVibes takes the crime mapping tool to the next level. This tool measures the livability scale of various areas based on a list of factors including:

  • Amenities
  • Cost of Living
  • Crime
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Schools
  • User ratings

AreaVibes is a great tool to use especially if you are moving to a new city because it will give you a better sense of the opportunities as well as the threats that may pose a security risk to your home.



Much like the previous crime mapping tools, SpotCrimes allows you to search for a specific area and view the crimes that have occurred. The goal of SpotCrime is to be an independent crime mapping tool to provide the most transparent and up to date crime mapping by aggregating reports from multiple sources.

As an added feature, SpotCrime allows you to set personal alerts for crimes in your area so you are able to stay up to date and alert at all times.


Make Friends with Your Neighbours

Get to know your neighbours when you move into a new neighbourhood! Your neighbours who have been living there longer than you may be able to provide valuable insight into the happenings of their neighbourhood. For example, they may have noticed people’s garages getting broken into or cars being broken into. This will provide you with the knowledge you need when buying security equipment.

Getting to know your neighbours can also be a great way to build a neighbourhood watch group. These groups are intended to keep watch on each others houses and report any suspicious behavior that might be observed.


By utilizing these tools you can make appropriate decisions for your home safety. If you have any questions about how to keep your home safe please don’t hesitate to contact us!